The Seattle City Council Needs to Hear from You!

Take-Action.jpgThis Friday, February 14, the Seattle City Council will be making important decisions that will affect the ability of taxicab operators to earn a living.  The City Council will decide 1) whether to put caps on ride share companies; and 2) whether to allow for-hire vehicles the right to pick up stand and hail passengers.

We need to take action now to get our message out!

TAKE ACTION NOW!:  Email every member of the City Council immediately with the following message.  

As a Puget Sound taxi cab operator, I struggle every day so that I can earn a living for myself and my family. Recent changes in the personal transportation industry have put my livelihood at even greater risk.  To maintain a level playing field in the industry and basic fairness for taxi drivers, I urge you to put a cap on ride share companies that are operating outside the regulatory framework and to vote against stand and hail rights for for-hire vehicles. Thank you. 

You can cut and paste the message to create your own email.  Send your email to:


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