Airport contract update and next steps


As you know, the Port signed the taxi contract with Eastside for Hire earlier this month. Now we must continue our fight to hold Eastside and the Port accountable. 

We worked hard to pressure the Port to include “labor harmony” language in the contract. That language provides three important protections for drivers:

  • Eastside must negotiate a “Labor Peace Agreement” with your Union within 60 days.
  • Eastside must keep all drivers currently working at the airport for 180 days.
  • The Port must review drivers’ income every six months and can reopen the contract if they find drivers aren’t making a living wage.  

If you see that Eastside or the Port is not upholding these protections, we need to be ready to take action.

To prepare for the upcoming negotiations with Eastside, we will be holding meetings to discuss your priorities. It is important that we have good attendance at those meetings so that your collective voice is heard. We will let you know as soon as the meetings are scheduled.

We will continue to fight to make sure that all taxicab operators are able to earn a living wage. Please let me know if Eastside violates the terms of their contract with the Port.

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