Building power for puget sound taxi operators.

The Western Washington Taxicab Operators Association (WWTCOA) is a not-for-profit membership association that promotes fairness, justice, and transparency in Seattle's heavily-regulated taxi industry.

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Our critical objectives


We Fight for Fairness

The transportation industry is out of balance. We fight to ensure that all drivers operate under the same set of rules.


We Protect Drivers' Rights

Drivers deserve the rights that other workers in our economy have. We fight to give drivers a voice on the job so that they have the same protections as everyone else.


We Build Driver Unity

We bring drivers together to give them a collective voice. Transportation companies have seen huge growth in recent years. By building driver unity we can ensure that everyone is able to share in the prosperity.


We Promote Safety

We seek to improve safety and reliability by creating a level playing field for all drivers and ensuring a high-quality workforce.


We Raise Standards

Drivers deserve a level playing field. By setting high standards for drivers we ensure a safe, reliable transportation network.


We Improve Service

Improving driver's lives will improve the transportation service they provide our communities.


Victory in Seattle

On December 14, 2015 Seattle made history by extending collective bargaining rights to taxi drivers operating in Seattle. Under this new initiative drivers will be able to bargain over wages and working conditions. The pressure put on by WWTCOA members and our work highlighting the need for change was instrumental to passing this historic law.

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strength in numbers.

We represent nearly 500 owners and drivers from Yellow Cab, Farwest and Orange Cab. We are governed by a 15-member elected Leadership Council.


Please send me information about how WWTCOA can help drivers gain a strong voice in Seattle's taxi industry.


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